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Where to meet beautiful women in Minneapolis

Where can you meet hot gorgeous women in Minneapolis?

So you’re in Minneapolis for a few nights and you want to meet a pretty girl to party with, where do you go?  The obvious places are not so obviously right.  You’d think that bars or nightclubs are perfect, lot of dolled up singles ready to mingle. Except every other guy is there to mingle too, so now you’re one of many men competing with other men to meet women. That environment creates too much pressure and not enough time to have a good time.  So stay clear of bars and clubs.

How about a gym?  Beautiful women usually work out so that’s a good idea, right? How about a big no. People go to the gym to burn serious calories by elevating their heartbeat in high intensity workouts.  You won’t get much of a response when trying to speak to a girl who is gasping for air off a mile run.   Gyms do have reputation of having creepers stalking girls, so don’t be that guy.   

Just visit the best strip club in Minneapolis 

There’s no time for online dating site profile set ups, yoya classes dog parks or even singles events.  If you want to meet a sexy girl and have fun right now in this moment, go to your local strip club.  In fact, go to Downtown Cabaret in Minneapolis. We’ll explain below.

Think about it, co-mingling with the opposite sex at a strip club is easy.  The girls are plentiful and usually parade around until you or the sexy girl make the first move.  This can be done with a head nod, simple wink, any sign of approval for her to come on over and join you at the bar table or VIP section.   Since strip clubs supply countless sexy girls of all types, dim lights loud music food and alcohol, it’s the perfect fun-flirty place to meet beautiful women without the competition.

But you have to pay for her time don’t you?  Sure, but when you are on a date, aren’t you expected to pay as well?  Dinner, movie, parking, drinks food?  You dole all that money and you aren’t really guaranteed to have a good time. At least at the strip club it’s in the girl’s best interest to be flirty, conversive and entertaining, and yes, even give you the occasional sexy topless dance.

Take a look Inside DownTown Cabaret

Why Downtown Cabaret?  Downtown Cabaret is an architectural marvel mix between a Roman library and an old-colonial bank, sporting a center dome where a large romantic chandelier hangs high.  All this along sensual led lighting, three stages and a rather large full liquor bar that extends the whole back of the club.  You feel like a baller at Downtown without having to break the bank.  Drinks are affordable, VIP exquisite and the girls, well, there are so many to chose from you are guaranteed to meet lots of sexy girls in just one visit.